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EnKIT is a serigraph art work combined with an Augmented Reality mobile app

A plastic hive, a world in disorder, a pig in pieces, an insect in small parts or a dessert served as a kit, these are all elements to discover in model form. EnKIT proposes you to guess what is behind these assemblies. Presented in 16 precut boards, EnKIT challenges the reader to unveil the logic linking together the different elements of a card. While some let us easily foresee what they are, other boards may seem more difficult! But do not worry, an augmented reality application can get you on track!

Completely contained in a box, the various illustrations can be combined according to your desires. It is also possible to restore the image on the back side like a puzzle. In form and substance everything is associable or separable: each element can participate in the realization of something. Thus everything is connected in one way or another. Directed silkscreen, EnKIT is a printed 120 copies, signed and numbered. 6 color and 32 pages make up 5 foldable and flexible booklets, that can be shaped as posters, small cards, and so on. All in a box fully screen printed with love.

The screen printed box & posters


Augmented Reality

Download and launch the mobile application EnKit on your tablet/phone and point at the posters to see the associated animations.


You can download small demo pictures to carry them with you, or point directly at those visible on the screen.

The Box


AUGMENTED REALITY _______Veasymedia_______

:: Interactivity provider:: VeasyMedia is a french multimedia studio specialized in the design and implementation of interactive content. - Video games 2D / 3D real time (Serious Games, advertgames,…) - Mobile apps (iOs, Android,…) - Websites - Augmented Reality - E-learning - Visual Identity - ...

------- Translations ------ - Spanish: Antonio Sánchez-Monge - English: Antonio Sánchez-Monge


PISHPUN is a french association which aims to promote screen printing. PISHPUN provides training, exhibitions, events and creations around this expertise. Founded by a silkscreen artist and an author, art teacher, PISHPUN offers fun and educational approaches to silkscreen by building creative and cultural dynamics. Through educational exhibitions, conferences and initiation workshops, PISHPUN aims to immerse a mixed audience of children and adults in the screenprinting universe on all its forms, as well as in the editorial world.

SERIGRAPHY _______oasp_______

OASP is a french graphic design and screen printing studio led by Alice Walter & Nicolas Thiebault-Pikor. OASP develops a unique graphic vocabulary in the fields of graphic design, publishing, visual identity, signs and web. Our customers belong to the cultural, institutional or private domains. The screen-silk printing workshop is also used for self-production artistic work. We print and distribute personal or collaborative projects (books, posters, ...).


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